I am a creative, a scholar, and a builder. My works are an expression of my journey. My journey is a process of meaning-making, sorting through the flow of data streaming to discern my identity, my position, and my situation. I see myself as a living organism in ceaseless immersion in life systems and the environmental conditions that sustain me. I realize the possibilities for my emergence are conditioned by my surroundings, and limited by my capacity to imagine those possibilities. My irrational persistance is the life force that drives me to seek, connect, and sustain life-giving relationships with others, with other living organisms. My uses of technology amplify my capabilities but they do not define who I am. However, my definition of myself includes my uses of technology.

I see our humanity in crisis and I want to do something about it. I know the most difficult work starts with changing how I perceive the world I live in, and how I act on those perceptions. My existence contributes to forming and sustaining social ecologies of learning. That is what drives my irrational persistence to make art, to write, and to fix old houses. If each one of us took responsibility for changing our conditions by changing how we see our selves and thus changing how we react and respond to our conditions, we will leave this planet in a better condition for our efforts.


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