obsessions with fame and fortune

April 3, 2016 § Leave a comment

I grew up in a family obsessed with fame and fortune. The generally accepted route to accomplishing this goal was to through music. My family culture was to conceive as my family name as a brand of exceptional talent – musical talent. My childhood was defined by music aspiration: practicing, playing in bands and orchestras, lessons, achieving a reputation as an exceptional musician, soloing, acquiring exceptional instruments, and gathering a following of devoted music appreciators.

Notice that these aspirations were not supported with actual training in music theory depth, or aesthetic development. For example, in all my years of music lessons, the focus was always on learning a particular piece of music, of mastering a particularly difficult music passage, and on being able to perform that music passage in audition. My music development focused on an instrumental mastery of a particular musical instrument, not on my development of a creative or knowledgable musical imagination.

Also absent from this obsession with achieving musical notoriety was any discussion of the realities of earning a living as a musician. What does it take to earn enough income as a musician to be able to qualify for a mortgage?


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