Ugh what a mess

May 2, 2015 § Leave a comment

We have demolished the kitchen ceiling and the front hall ceiling. There is plaster rubble in the front hall and demolition dust, including the dust from removing urea formaldehyde insulation in the kitchen. Everything needs cleaning. The bathtub upstairs is coated in a layer of grime from washing our dirty bodies all week. I have to rouse myself to get cleaning but I am also tired from the week’s work.

The dog needs walking, so that is what I am going to have to do first. Then, put on my dusty coveralls from this morning and re-start the never-ending cleaning job. With my dust mask on, of course.

I went to a meeting today and took my 19 year multi-year fob. Hard to believe I have managed to abstain from drugs and alcohol that long. On the other hand, I have no desire to use, so I guess it isn’t too hard. In the intervening years I have become very irritable when it comes to mistreatment and emotional or psychological nonsensicals. So then, because I am in so many relationships that exhibit these traits, I end up pushing for my rights over and over again and doing so, sometimes, with a decidedly grumpy countenance and composure.

I am sick of cleaning up this place and I am sick of the clutter. At least, at the end of one of these processes I arrive at a clean and tidy place. The clutter is more evidence of compulsion than anything else. Cleaning is evidence of effort to get healthy.

It is a beautiful afternoon. The sun is shining and there is a light spring breeze in the air.

The dog is flopped out on the floor at my feet. He knows the minute I close the laptop lid we are headed out for a walk.

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 5.51.31 PM

It is kind of interesting. I lost my wallet sometime between Thursday morning and Friday morning and now I don’t have any working credit cards. I don’t have a bank card, driver’s licences, health card or student card. It’s nice to have my options curtailed. I could save a lot of money if I couldn’t spend any of it.

I have figured out how I am going to tackle the kitchen, and I am going to go at it first when I start work after the dog walk. I am going to empty it out because everything is now covered with a fine dust. I am going to finish removing all the foam I can find and then get a bucket and a rag and wipe down the entire kitchen, including washing the floor. Then, one piece at a time, I am going to load the kitchen back in. But this time I am only going to load in things that I am actually going to use. Everything else is going to have to go into storage somewhere on this property. I don’t need it in the kitchen. That should cut down on a lot of the annoying clutter in the kitchen.

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 5.51.54 PM

Next I am going to clean the rubble out of the front hall and give everything a wipe down. There is also a lot of clutter in the front hall, items that are not in use and have no business sitting there unused and causing more distraction.

What I have just lined out is at least 4 hours work. And that does not take into account cleaning the bathroom upstairs.

I also have to remember to water the garden tonight. I am making an effort to actually have plants grow in the garden and my neighbour is giving me watering instruction. What I want to do, now that I don’t have a spray handle or a sprinkler, is dig a series of channels amongst the plants, irrigation channels, and run the water from the hose to seep into the channels.


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