feeling the pressure

July 15, 2014 § Leave a comment

All the things that are challenging me right now:

1. injured knee – taking time to diagnose and recover from a fall that happened over a month ago

2. father-in-law passed away – husband sleeping many, many hours during the day and then insomniac at night

3. dissertation pressure – full draft of dissertation past due from the end of June

4. unfiled taxes – missed tax filing deadline, papers stacked for sorting and processing

5. weed filled yard – between husband’s back injury and my sore knee we have not been able to work on our post-renovation yard and the morning glory are running rampant in the west side yard

6. family estrangement – all the years of unprocessed pain seem to have built up to a critical mass and I just don’t want to see or hear from any of them right now

7. financial pressure – our mortgage payment takes up 3/4 of our income every month while we prepare to refinance for a better rate

8. missing work – I have taken a few days off work to give my knee a chance to heal but I don’t get sick leave

9. heat wave – I hate hot weather and find it both enervates and causes this nameless restlessness

10. living in an unfinished renovation – the electrical system is half done and we are living with extension cords everywhere

11. living in an old house that needs repair – front porch, windows, exterior siding, roof, attic, floors, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, laundry, back porch all need repair and renovation

12. landscaping and fencing – our reactive shepherd has no where to play off leash without us getting a fence up around our property


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