June 16, 2014 § Leave a comment

I had a rough day yesterday coping with a hyper-triggered brain. I could not stop my thoughts from obsessively turning to my fragmented family relationships. Everytime I would allow a thought to form about my family of origin I would feel this painful tension in my neck and shoulders and a sweeping sense of dread would wash over me. Not a pleasant way to spend a Sunday.

Today I am feeling a little better after binge-watching Veronica Mars for the evening. Thank you Netflix.

I have been very slowly working my way through The Feeling Good Handbook by David D. Burns and this morning I have decided to give the worksheets a try. If I can change my the thought clusters I access, I can change my feeling and thinking state. At least, that is the thesis. It makes sense. When I am being triggered by the slightest events in my day to day life, I need a better way to interpret my experiences.

There are worksheets that have been developed by Dr. Burns to facilitate the process of externalizing unexamined thought clusters and begin the process of replacing them with new awareness. In effect, the process is a collaborative critical inquiry where the collaborative group is made up of myself in current time and the self that has been triggered, which can be anytime from my past. I found the full collection of worksheets available for download online at the IM4US site. I downloaded the whole set, so now I have something to work with as I write my way through the dread and sadness.


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