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June 13, 2014 § Leave a comment

I’m not going in to work today. On the surface my reason for staying home is that my husband injured his back yesterday and he is stuck in bed. That is a good reason – he can’t get to the kitchen for food or drink. He can barely crawl to the bathroom. 

Another reason I am staying home today is that I also injured my hip last week. I decided to move our entire library of shelves and books from the main floor to our upstairs bedroom. It took two days of moving laundry baskets full of books and shelves up a steep flight of stairs. Every morning this week I have awoken with a knot in the middle of my shoulder blades and my right hip hurts just sitting. Today I will take the time to go to the chiropractor. It doesn’t help that my work involves lifting heavy planks, climbing up and down ladders, and moving heavy equipment.

It isn’t as if I am going to be lazing around for the day. I still have to work on my dissertation, which I will start after I walk the dogs.


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