the other part of this is that I am in a highly competitive situation

October 20, 2008 § Leave a comment

where my work needs to distinguish itself from the others. I can see now that bringing my studio processes into my writing processes is going to give me the edge I have been needing to bring all this chaos of thought into some sort of coherence. I have figured out that I can use Inspiration for my outline drafting and idea development. There is actually a freehand drawing function in the program. Now that gives me the combination I have been looking for, to be able to quickly type and draw in one application and not have to fuss with layers or overly complex programming. The digital pen will allow me to quickly shift between typing and drawing without the encumberance of needing the tablet hooked up to my laptop. The speech recognition software will allow me to speak my writing, which I think will contribute to reducing technical jargon and bring my writing into a more accessible form. I’ve been thinking, too, about using Dennis, as an imagined audience, to write emails to, but never sending the emails. This gives me a way to write to someone who I have huge respect for, who I will polish my prose before sending. In this way, I can have an ideal audience and write in the email form. At the same time, I get the words out as a communication to a real (though imagined) person. The email format works well because it divides the content into discrete topics. I really should get going with my housework now, but I am stoked! A walk to see if I can pick up a camera would be really good right now. And then I will clean house, I promise.


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