I bought the camera

October 20, 2008 § Leave a comment

It is a nice little Nikon coolpix L18, very small, fairly lightweight. It fits in my belly pack. I’ve shot the flower arrangements and I am pleased with the photo quality. I’ve started looking at everything as metaphors for papers. I’m liking my new perspective. I put together a conceptual framework for the Tools for Thought paper and sent it off to Don. Of course, he wrote back asking me for the dreaded purpose statement. Well, I’m not going to get suckered into that wrestling match again. I’m going to set up a structure and start plunking things in, when I feel ready, then I will write the, “In this paper we will…” statement. Honestly, I don’t know what the purpose of the paper is yet, I want to lay it out a little more thoroughly before attempting that. This has been my mistake before. Trying to write that purpose statement when I really didn’t have a clue. When I think about the use of the term ‘tool’, I don’t have to venture far before I encounter a memory or a blog posting that uses the term to represent something. I think, what I need to do now, is start scanning media and scholarly references for uses of the term. Just what are we calling a tool, anyway? I’m hoping my speech recognition software arrives this week, so I can start using it in my writing. I think it is going to help. That and my studio practice, creating metaphors for writing research and thesis papers.


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