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October 20, 2008 § Leave a comment

I didn’t realize how many kinds of papers I was writing until today: research proposals, thesis papers, conceptual frameworks, dissertation chapters, research questions, thought papers. All these papers have different ways of approaching the writing process. I kept looking for a one size fits all approach and it isn’t going to work that way. That becomes the topic of the work, what is the topic, what is the genre? Same ideas apply to a drawing or a painting. If I am going to paint a flower arrangement, what paints am I going to use? Am I going to use white? Or just a white background? Do I research the right to add white later to highlight areas that got lost during the painting process? How many colors am I using? Is it monochromatic? Or am I providing an approximation of local color? I am excited to jump into writing, using this approach. The other thing I just discovered is that Inspiration has a freehand drawing function. So I have everything I need in that software application to continue developing my ideas. As I learned from my discussion with Matt on the drive to Portland, writing out the sentences and paragraphs is the last thing I should be doing. Long before I settle down to that part, I want to have my topics, sub-topics, arguments, and author quotes ready. I have been trying to accomplish too much in the writing itself. No. That is where I think my inspiration files are going to take on new significance. One thing I haven’t sorted out. I have these notes from Berger and Luckmann in my notebook. I made them reading on the bus, something I pretty much have to do. The point is, that the reading process includes putting pen to paper for the reading. After that, I have to transcribe those notes and the relevant quotes. It is the only way I am going to get the content chunks into my computer so I can organize and sort things for writing. Where do I put those pieces? That is another good question. Emails with attachments? Here in this blog sorted by categories? Oh. Yes, I think that is it. The text becomes searchable, and it is stored where I can always find it. These journal postings, these random thoughts, these free-writing sessions could all be categorized as free-writing. That could be the default category. Then, when I am working with a specific text, that gets it’s own category. When the texts come in as pdf files, I can use scrivener and put the screen captures of text into a file for that particular text. That way, when I name the file by the author and year, it can be easily catelogued beside the .pdf. Which is recorded in Endnote. That would be the best way to do it. For sure, then when I am looking for something, they come up in file searches on my computer. It’s a good question and I am ready to put my files into a new order to prepare for this next phase.


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