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October 18, 2008 § Leave a comment

So, now I have the beginnings of a conceptual framework and I am ready to move forward. But where to now? I am tempted to set it up in Inspiration, and elaborate on the central threads. I think, though, that I have something else to do first. It has to do with taking the piece out of the computer and doing something with had to paper first. Now, one thing I haven’t done, that I have been meaning to do, is to process my notes from Berger and Luckmann. I also have brought the Thompson text home, and I am going to have a real job getting through that. I would like to work through the texts concurrently, to see what kinds of connections I can make between them. I wish I had brought the Slack book home, too, so I could work between all three. I mean, if these are going to be the three texts that the rest of the literature is going to connect to, then I want to be reading them in concert. I also think I can start a new endnote file, for researchquestions.


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