there is much to sort out here

October 17, 2008 § Leave a comment

about the process of designing a research proposal. I have much to learn and not a lot of time to sort it out. Because my research proposal is a form of backward engineering, I need to take the data we are collecting for Seeds and figure out the research methodology and theoretical framework from there. So, in a sense I am starting about three quarters or three fifths of the way through the process and writing my way out from there. As I was saying, before I started looking for open source drawing programs… I have to work from the middle outwards. If I start at the beginning I’m going to get caught up in compatibility issues. So that is a big learning for me right now. That I need to start where I am and then build outward – what with article writing, I’m actually working backward and forward, because the research is being reported, even as I sort out the theoretical framework the research is taking place within.


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