so how do educators adjust to this change

October 16, 2008 § Leave a comment

when they have been educated and enculturated in a different culture? This is a post colonial project. That is what I have been struggling with. How to frame the work I am doing. The research on cognition is contributing to understanding how we can change our minds, when we want to. The issue is that we have an entire education system based on a colonial intellectual framework. This is a key that I hadn’t identified before, it is the students learning cultures that are driving the change. This clash of learning cultures could be understood as a form of pedagogical Darwinism. The pedagogies based on dication or teaching are being surpassed by active learning because it is a more effective, efficient, albeit messy, way to learn. Our humanity can no longer do things the way we have been doing them. We need to re-think and re-design our economies, our transportation systems, our agricultural practices, our social policies, our energy systems, our social philosophies. Consequently, we have to re-think and re-design our education systems. The paradigms and philosophies that have build the programs and pedagogies of today are no longer supportable. The rate of change, the magnitude of change, is not unprecedented. We can learn from our histories and in our attempt to solve the problems of today, not create bigger problems for succeeding generations. If that is possible.


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