Our best thinking has gotten us where we are today

October 16, 2008 § Leave a comment

Our most highly educated politicians, business people, educators and academics have created the situations we find ourselves in: economic chaos, environmental crisis, social division, religious violence, protracted military operations that show no signs of resolution, energy crisis, etc. The policies and practices of our community leaders have led to a “war on drugs (well, a few drugs, the rest are okay as long as you buy them OTC)”, “war on terrorism (well, THEIR terrorism, our terrorism is perfectly legitimate)”. There is no doubt that our best thinking has created the situations that are riddled with contradictions, inequalities, and mind-boggling dumbness. How do we change our minds? Does it mean years of therapy? That has never worked for me. I certainly can explain what is going on in my mind more accurately. But, until now, I have felt helpless to do anything about it. Where I am getting support is through understanding the mechanisms of my cognition, not the content of my thoughts. Yes, I needed to be aware of the content of my thoughts to become interested in the mechanisms of my thinking. If I didn’t realize I was having thought problems in the first place, I wouldn’t be interested. Now, I am aware of the content of my thoughts and I want to do something about them. I have learned that willful thought control is not the answer.


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