Isn’t that what I am working on?

October 16, 2008 § Leave a comment

Isn’t my research about changing people’s (educators’) minds about ICT in education? In the classroom? The pedagogies associated with ICT? The pedagogies are no different from teaching and learning without ICT. Teachers have always had the freedom to choose what pedagogy they would use to teach. They have been able to construct their own role as an educator as a facilitator or as a teacher or as a dictator. This has not been changed by the introduction of ICT. And it is true that the use of ICT pedagogically can also be in the service of a facilitating, teaching or dictating instructional strategy. So, what is it that I am working on? Why is it so important? Important enough for me to give years of study, credit card debt, and deferred studio drawing and painting time? It always goes back to both my own experience in school, and my experience teaching in the New School. The point is that I have to continuously revisit my own mission statement, my own purpose for this work. It isn’t a stable, constant attitude. It is an attitude that I reconstruct on a daily basis.


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