how does this relate to my research?

October 16, 2008 § Leave a comment

I think the connection between these thoughts and my research is that I believe we also have non-conscious colonial attitudes toward technology. This is the link I was making in my paper to Anne, but I didn’t get that far. In that paper I was articulating the relationship between colonialism and academic thinking. Well, I am researching the relationship between academic thinking and technology. That colonial thread that I found in academic thinking is also there in academic attitudes toward technology. But it is there in pedagogy, too. This is where I am figuring out what exactly I am focusing on for my comprehensive exams. It has to do with cognition, curriculum and pedagogy. Where I am applying this research is in the area of technology in education. So my research is looking at cognition, pedagogy, and ICT. Or is it cognition, culture and ICT? Does pedagogy come in under culture? I believe it does, because we are always talking about the learning cultures associated with ICT. The key here, the change agent that is driving cognitive disruption in educators, is that pedagogies that were perfectly sufficient, regardless of teaching philosophy, pre-ICT in the classroom, will not remain effective post-ICT. The reason for this is not the technology itself, but the learning relationships, and the learning practices associated with ICT. So, it is not the ICT that is going to change teaching practices, it is the learning relationships that the students are bringing into the classroom. Any teacher that attempts to turn a laptop computer and data projector into an overhead projector with transparencies is going to find themselves with a class of disengaged learners. They are simply not going to be able to teach these students, because the learning culture of these students is based on active learning, research, and information sharing. That is the key to this whole research project. It is the learners that are driving the change and schools are not going to survive in this new learning culture if they attempt to impose colonial 19th century educational philosophies on the students. The students will go elsewhere.


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